Beautiful Being

Sept12th2014 038

Silence is the purest symphony.
In the sparkle of the sea, there is melodic energy.
Every grain of sand is a note – in the perfect harmony.
The ebb and flow of the tide, is the polyphonic symmetry.
The music is in between breath and heartbeat.
The essence of inspiration – is the mystery.
Listen deeply, I am the beautiful being.
In the rush of winds, in the hush of stillness;
I caress your hands.
Keep your heart wide open.
As you fall into the wilderness of slumber – my whisper pulls you under,
The silver chords connecting.
Come play with me in the universe.
In your mind I speak the verse of cosmic resonance.
As you wake into the glorious morning – remember how your soul was soaring;
Turn it into music.
Others will touch this space, from your creative grace,
You’ve found your calling.
Walk in trust now, be honest and kind;
For the Muse of the celestial spheres is pouring from your eyes.


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