Music Makers (Bless You)



180126150222For you who walked this earth without fear,

For you who created a sacred space with tears,

For you who infused sound with purpose, who traced our beings with words,

For you who felt every emotion with color, woke in the sunrise with an open heart.

For you who moved forward without bounds.

For you who seen the faces of love in the beautiful and the solemn.

Every note you ever wrote… was a promise.

For you who never chose lies over honor.

For you who painted a melodic story, told the truth in the times of torment.

For you who shouted in the darkness, who seen the spark in us – knew it would make us hold on…

For you who held a guitar like a savior, whispered hymns to the strings like Angels,

We thank you.

We surrender to the voice of patience.

We need the music in our lives like nature.

When nothing else can reach us, when nothing seems to teach us,

When life has no other explanations…

Your melody is the motivation.

It moves our soul to make the changes.

This is for the hours of meaningful isolation… so the muse comes to surface when you can’t hear it.

Know we listen and appreciate it.

Please… never stop creating.







The Poetic Garden (For Monty Don)

Oct28th2014 020

Born a Child of Nature – the soil nurtured you.

Hands strong with love and intention – your fingers became the roots.

There was life and breath within the land – you felt it with your soul;

You planted seeds of trust and truth  – this made the poetry grow.

You knew how flora captured light – you painted a garden’s grace;

You heard the symphony of the flowers  – then you planted a melodic space.

In your heart is a story – you’ve written it  in the meadow;

In every seed and every stone – resonates your echo.

A lifetime of moments by an apple tree – a exuberant presence on the tip of a leaf.

The taste of sun in a strawberry, the scent of love in a swaying lily.

The texture of wood is possibility…

Creation sighs at the vibrant beauty.

This is the healing we learn from Monty.





m51 whirlpool 03262018 2

Here is the place, where my heart is safe,

Where my dreams unfold as they resonate.

This is where I surrender, where my soul remembers;

A infinite embrace.

Here is where you will find me – in stillness, holding grace.

Bowing in awe as my life creates.

This is my lover, my secret;

My sanctuary.


Breathless (Inspired by David Lynch)

runningman 2

Write the words with me,
A benediction to our beautiful journey.
Sing the verse with me,
We love like a melody.
Dream into me,
Lets collide with velocity.
Breathless, weightless, filled with serendipity.

Whisper your story across my soul.

Etch my days like glass and pour through my heart like a tonic of fire.

Sway in the tide of deep blue hues – under the velvet sky.

Sparkling moments standing still, feels like a spindle of stars bending light.

Can you reach so far… that every motion is a true devotion, that makes us whole.

Every silence, resonates a harmonic note.

Let go.

My perfect symphony – I behold,


Your voice is gold.




Cheap Astro Imaging!

This was done to show all those folks like myself who cannot afford thousands of dollars worth of astronomical equipment – you CAN enjoy imaging.

Is it the best quality; no! The idea is to see what the naked eye cannot in a scope.

These were taken with a Tasco scope I found for 13 dollars in the thrift store. I used a Skyraider agc 1.2 guide cam to capture the images using Mallincam software. – stacked a few in astro toaster.

The mount is a Bresser exos2 automated with stepper motors and EQ mod, not guided only tracking with 1 min subframes.  I am by no means a pro or claiming to be – it’s just good fun and amazing to see this in our amazing Universe.

Reine’ (Doesn’t Live Here)

Reach out with your loving voice,
Take her hand and sing (to her)
You’ll have no regrets.
This time it must be honest.
What did you expect?
You never kept your promise.

Reine, doesn’t live here anymore
She left an open door
The sky was broken and it poured
Reine,’ doesn’t live here anymore

Reach through as a guiding star
She can hear you when you’re not playing (a part)
Not sure where you should start?
Silence never helped the moment.

Reine, doesn’t live here anymore
She left an open door
The space that once
Echoed in the dark
Is calling for your presence
Calling for your essence
Calling for your heart




You whisper your story;
With dreaming breath.
To touch my soul;
Beside my bed.

A subtle trace – forms a silhouette;
Your echo blends with every footstep.
A smile shifts in vivid intent,
The evening moves with your quiet secrets;
The room is filled with melodic scents;
I surrender to the essence.

You whisper your story;
I catch my breath,
You touch my soul;
Beside my bed.
Is it in my heart – is it from my head;
I’m calling you closer to my bed.

The eyes in sunlight
Form an ideal;
Do we let them decide for us,
What is real?
In the darkness – what is guarded falls,
Inhibitions seep, beyond the walls.

You whisper your desire,
Beneath your breath,
You touch my soul,
Beside my bed,
Can you tame this heart – can you calm this head?
I’m calling you closer to my bed.

Dear Spirit

Dear Spirit, Angels and Guides

I can’t seem to find my connection in the light.

I know it’s there – in the stillness of my heart,

I faltered in trust and it tore me apart.

Dear Spirit, I took ten steps back, pushed aside all you showed me,

Left my world feeling black.

I don’t have money to get psychic assistance, can’t afford a tarot reading or an
Angel message.

I am asking in mercy, surrender and truth – please Spirit can you remind me of all that I knew?

Will you help me to listen and go deep within, to remember my purpose and find peace again?

I beg of you Spirit, may I be of service?

Show me the path – so I may return to it.

Dearest Spirit, I took for granted – the words you would send me to write as a lesson.

I ask forgiveness from all of my soul, please dear Spirit, will you guide me home.

Time To Heal (Warning Graphic Photos)


It’s been a little rough this time round. This is my 6th spine surgery.  This one was to change the positions of the paddles connected to my spine because the first surgical implant was causing abdominal nerve pain.

I now have full coverage of the nerves going down both legs that got crushed.  The paddles are placed at t9/t10 and the wires are brought down my spine to the left where there is a battery implanted under my skin. This control the wave/pulses that mask the nerve pain. The older scar is where they have removed damaged disks and fused my spine with hardware.


I once again am sharing this because I want others to know there is hope. There is no need to suffer in life altering pain. I’ve read so many stories of people giving up and becoming addicted to pain meds – I want to let people know it can get better. I am in some discomfort due to the second surgery being so close to the first. I have to take it easy for a Month to let the paddles heal in place. If it moves I could cause severe damage to my spinal column. This device might not be the answer for everyone who has nerve damage – it’s been a miracle for me. I welcome anyone interested in learning more about the spinal stim implant to leave me a message and I will gladly answer to perhaps help maybe someone else heal.


Thank you everyone for your prayers and healing energy – it made this surgery more peaceful and brought me strength through it all.



Dream Of Nature

sept23rd2015 070Can you touch the colors of nature?

Can you feel the whispers of creation?

Do you sleep walk into my imagination?

Your presence creates a reverberation.

Have you tasted the waters of life?

Will you share your luminous light?

It comes to the surface in the stillness of night.

Can you dance without your body?

Can you trace my lips with melody?

Do you experience the mystery?

It’s a perfect symmetry.

Come soar with me – beyond possibility, further then the mind can see;

infused with beauty – it’s a drop of infinity.

Just you and me… writing history – that lasts eternity.

This is the dream of nature.

Thečhíȟila kštó

Oct12th2015 055For you with wings I speak,

For you with kindness I seek,

For you with heart I watch,

For you with humility I long to touch.

For you with trust, I listen deeply;

For you who is honest, I kneel in your beauty.

May all the wonders of creation rise in your presence,

May the sun and sky bathe you in their essence.

May the galaxies illuminate your steady path,

May the seas and forests honor your mask.

As you sleep, may your dreams heal your soul;

As you take your last breath,

May Great Spirit call you home.

Here in the silence – I sit under the tree,

Sending you light through eternity.

You Were Ashamed Of Me

Augsunset18th2012 171

I sometimes wish, I could go back to the ignorant bliss.

Back to that space where I trusted everything you said.

You spoke with such fluidity, you knew just what to say to me.

I had such profound respect.

I would have given everything for a single moment – in your presence.

I’ll never understand your intent,

I forgive… but I’ll never forget.

I have no regret, just a little emptiness.

I know that the connections pushed aside on this life path – won’t continue after this.

What could not be healed when given the chance – must be left.

The one thing that I would not have  conceived – how you became ashamed of me.

Hiding all the creations, under some strange name of make believe.

That says everything.

Spirit does not sit on a fence, there is no doubts or elusive promise;

It was a gift… of experience.

The Healer Of Song (For Simon Le Bon)

Sept27th2014 643

It’s not a phenomenon, it’s not a religious right or dogma;

It’s the blend of words and tone.

It’s what is known.

When a life feels ignored and alone, when a fragile moment stops the flow.

When a heart is not sure where to go.

It’s a lifeline, a gentle light,

When they’re not sure how to make it through the night.

It’s a space to go deep and dream awhile.

It pulls a mind to softly unwind.

It uplifts a soul, it changes the sensation from numb to whole.

You must trust the flow.

You are a healer – as you weave your melody,

It’s not some miraculous intervention – it’s honest harmony.

Please believe.

It gives the tears a safe place to fall,

It makes a smile form, where there seems no hope at all.

It moves the life to create,

It holds the space.

So when you sing your song,

To all who are listening,

You bring this beautiful glistening – and take us on a journey.



lunasept28th2015 045

All that draws us to what is beyond the clouds,

All that covers our eyes with shrouds,

An ancient luminous sphere’s presence;

Holds our attention in the cosmic heavens.

All the mysteries are outlined,

All the symphonies are divine – when you listen in the center of your mind.

Are you brave to leave it all behind?

What far reaches are on this course?

The beauty is how it pulls us inward.

How bright is the Source?

It’s a prism of all creation in the single beat of the heart.

Perception is in flux, life is a paradox;

Worlds collide when the moment is right – in the stillness of the night.

Don’t become a recluse;

Allow the kiss of the Muse,

Here is where energy will fuse,

The soul turns blue – whispers become tantra and love is fluid.

Congruent is the synchronicity between me and you.

Come through… and touch infinity.


sunsetsept19th2015 059

You set the tone, the sky came so close;

All the sensations could be felt, my soul began reaching out.

In a state of wonder, in a space of inspiration – your heart taught me fascination.

I experienced you in all creation.

Complete elation.

You set the pace, with your symphonic grace  – I seen you far away, with a smile on your face;

I wanted to infuse you with love.

You set the dream on fire, left a key for the muse to feed the desire.

You are not alone.

In the violet parchment horizon, a wish turned the light on;

If you believe and trust in miracles,

We will break this silence.


fullmoonAug29th2015 003You appeared as a luminous apparition  in the galaxy;

A conjunction was created from nothing,

All the lucid dreamers began to reach – you poured down your energy.

Rise to me as you breathe.

All the planets aligned, you kissed my mind;

I left my fragile body behind.

Everything centered, a mantra of ether, your pull like heaven.

Souls congruent, synchronicities  movement;

No sense of humanity could ever prove this.

Please stay in this space with me,

Please trust the Angels,

Existence is a vibration that’s changing.

You infuse me…

Celestial and eternal beauty.


Sonic Architecture (Inspired by John Taylor)


Layers of sound rebound across the sky,

You are the architect of sonic design.

In the center of the mind – is a vivid light,

It stretches like melody that brought us through the night.

You touch the strings like you’re weaving a web,

They pulse and vibrate with every breath.

You modulate like thunder in the distance.

Time here is irrelevant.

Creating a vortex of chords,

Changing the tone through the space that is born.

You have the mastery to bend all noise,

You oscillate and dilate with every word,

This is what is heard.

You are the symphonic matrix,

We close our eyes and listen – to the sonic architect.

A Glimpse

Aug13th2015 061

The sky showed the sun how to rise;

Just allow your light.

The water trusted the experience and reflected in sincerity;

The horizon created the harmony for the moment of beauty.

The distance allowed the gulls to cry and left their hint across the mind.

The trees held high the fire and outlined the mystery.

This is the truth of Creation,

A moment so prefect,

It could only reveal to the soul.



From Within – Moving Throughout

Aug8th2015 064 Aug8th2015 155

Right in the center of our being – radiates a light.

All creation reveals this in our eyes.

It calms the sentient mind – so we can be deeply inspired.

We must let go of the how or the why;

There is no answer that would let our soul be satisfied.

Just let your breath expand your senses,

The body has such denseness, thoughts can become relentless;

Don’t focus on it, move it and bend it.

What did your Spirit pull you through as you dream?

What did that whisper sound like as you weep?

What was that melodic rhythm that caressed you as you sleep?

Want to be free?

Love without mercy, create infinity, trace the beauty and share it with everybody.

Mystery is calling, our heart if falling into destiny.

This is the experience of possibility.

Trust – the journey.



Au2nd2015 012

So many things I would have said;

So many words – not enough breath.

Years of inspiration that created all that’s immaculate.

The most profound silences.

Shadows and whispers of  a daydreaming sentient.

Exploring the wondrous.

Reconstructing a moment, touching deep solace, trusting the process.

Choices and decisions,

A feeling, a healing, an accomplishment.

If I could paint the vision;

If I could sing the prisms;

If I could plant the gardens, raise the children,

Touch the sunset.

I’d have no regrets.

As I call your name across the vast divide –  It comes to focus,

These are the wings of experience.

The Droplet

July22nd2015 116

Years passed, I held on to the dream like a droplet on a feather.

I would not let it blend with the water, I would not forget it’s creation.

I floated for a millions moments, keeping it centered;

Sometimes I had to let it reach my very tip… but I could not release it.

I waited and hoped with the loyalty of a prayer;

I cried so deeply that the rain bowed in my presence.

Then one day at the edge of the ocean – I noticed I was no longer echoing;

I called across the universe and my consciousness answered.

I searched for the sound of your static;

I heard the collective of iridescent matter.

In that space of surrender and grace… I gave the dream to the Masters.

The droplet left  the feather;

It became part of the whole sea filled with people asking…

“Is it real?”

The purpose answered… “it’s what makes you feel.”

I watched the experience of the feather.

It began to sink in the waters.

The dream no longer needed the carrier.

I knew it then – my dream was over,

It’s now The Fire of Heaven.


July17th2015 256


You seen I forgot my way home;

You went past the person and talked to the soul.

You understand what it means to be still;

To listen, to surrender, to be whole.

In your kindness I experienced the light of gold.

In your selfless intention – there was an intervention;

A prayer to Source – to remember the journey and stay on course.

I am grateful to thee.

Know that on this day, in your loving way… you’re an angel to me.


fireworks2015 001

I might look different now,
But I still try to walk the same ground.
I might not stand as strong,
But my core is still moved by the beautiful songs.
I might take longer then you to climb out of bed,
But when my feet touch the floor – I know I’m blessed.
I might have to sit a moment and take a rest,
But I love to watch everyone dancing in bliss.
I might need assistance to tie my shoes, to carry the groceries, get the trashcan to move;
But if you look in my eyes, you’ll see I’m true.
I might not be able to do what I did,
But I love just as deep and choose how to live.
Some call it challenge, some call it injury, some see it as a disability;
Not me;
My heart is still strong and my soul is free.
I learned some time ago…
It’s how we move the energy.

Negative Equation

June23rd2015sky 002

Why complain about complaining?
Why see this dark cloud;
I try to show you it’s not raining.
On the defensive,
Why do all you see is blaming?
There is no real problem,
There is no one shaming.
Why so negative, what’s with this vibe?
Not sure what brought you to this point,
This is no way to survive.
Take a walk, go for a drive;
Release the anger,
Calm the mind.
Fury can make a person blind,
One deep breath at a time,

Why do you think everyone is out to get you?
What is the reason for this attitude?
Embrace some gratitude.
No one is trying to change you,
Sometimes it’s about seeing another view,
It does not mean you lost some fight,
What is more important – understanding… or being right?
Just trying to shed some light.
Not trying to preach, just kind advice.
We’ve all got a faults, we’ve all got our limits,
We’ve all had our patience tested, this is how we’re expanded;
Not by causing emotional damage.
When I misunderstand, I open my heart… not my hand;
I look in the mirror, I ask if it’s worth it;
What is my purpose?
Will it make a difference?
Or is it… just a reaction because I feel they don’t listen.
Anger is emotion, it’s not the solution.

The Realms Of Music

may25th2015 026

There is a music created in the stars;
In the stillness and the silence – we hear it in our hearts.
There is melody that rings with perfection,
Every note is played with intention.
There is a symphony with crescendos of light;
Born from the dreams we release in the night.
From an existence where harmony is life;
Where flowers and waters sing truth to our eyes.
Angels resonate like earthly wind chimes.
You can touch this space in the center of your mind.
You can feel each tone one breath at a time.
Where we are the song that always inspires.


planetjune13th2015 013

When eyes meet;
When every breath between us in multi – sensory;
The slightest touch creates synergy.

As space becomes imaginary;
No words spoke to me, only visions of eternity;
It all fits perfectly, the beautiful symmetry;
A thought infuses molecular creativity.

Suddenly, a gap in reality;
A perspective shifts into belief;
Questioning the purpose of connectivity;
Then the push of fear begins it’s taunting seed.

What is electricity?
A force? A fusion? An ion and neutron collision?
Science has it’s explanation;
The mind has a fascination;
The soul feels it’s dilation;
Creation… knows it’s the experience of you and me.

The Garden

June10th2015 008

It started with the broadest smile;
My heart opened and the flowers went for miles.
You laughed with surrender and out poured the sun;
It rose through me as a vibration.
I knew we were home.
Such peace and harmony, nothing serious, just simplicity.
Every flower had a eternal melody,
This is where you reach me.
I hope my life, will never forget the dream.



Why must we give a name, to bring an experience into this plane.

Why does the miracle become analytical?

Why must we define, another place – another life?

What is space when souls collide?

What gives a Muse it’s sacred space?

The fascination of it’s emotional grace?

How does she move you from far away?

She surfaces your silence and gives voice to your dreams.

Nothing is ever what it seems.

Why must distance be such a hindrance?

When you can’t touch her, when you can’t embrace her;

She can serve as inspiration.

This exchange brings elevation – not information or separation.

Why draw this line between heart and mind?

Convictions and convincing just wasting time.

We are the expression of being alive!

Love is a word, can it truly be heard?

Create that beautiful truth as a verb?

In between heart beat and breath – is creation and silence and the music of stillness.

Sound surrounds, the quiet rebounds;

The truth echoes, the universe grounds.


Is loud.

Oh Beautiful Angels (Thank You)

Sept29th2014 014

Oh beautiful Angels, I am still so grateful.
When my whole being begged, when my soul knelt on the edge;
When you knew my prayers of love were honest,
You listened.
I heard you sing and shine from beyond.
I felt your warmth.
I knew you called oceans and pulled strong – to bring together what belonged.
I know you synchronized and created visions of light – as my Spirit requested in this life.
Oh beautiful Angels, you never let go;
You cried with me when my heart broke.
You know.
You held me so close, you surrounded me and brought me home.
In your mercy and glory I am in awe.
You’re never far.
You inspire a fire of trust in the stars.
Teach me to serve as you are.
Thank you – for walking with me this far.

Lucid Dream Of The Infinite Beyond


You whisper; are you feeling better now –  to my soul.
You trace every thought you read in my eyes – with the smile on your mind.
I ask you if this is real?
You kiss me in the space when my heart stops beating an consciousness slips.
You speak softly without sound; “you’ll remember this”.

Am I incarnate?

All this energy resonates around us like a orgasm suspended in tantric bliss.
Every movement is sublime and surreal, your presence is so deeply vivid.

Have we somehow blended?

I wake to the shattering of imagination and the questioning of another dimension.

The Place You Knew Me


I long for that place, it seems so far away;
Where the colors are so vivid and we hear creation’s life.
Where all we do is resonate a beautiful tone and are never alone – where our souls are bright.
Do you ever dream in this life, of that smile… the symphony we created in the center of our hearts?
Do you ever just stop in silence, in an echo from somewhere – a memory seems so alive?
Could you ever believe you knew me;
That we laughed and soared with eternal fire.
Has this existence caused your resistance – now you keep your distance and closed your mind?
I wish I could remind you of that place you knew me;
Where we promised we’d meet again, yet you see right through me.
I ask Spirit; why must this be one sided?
Why must we remain divided?
When I seen you again, our world collided.
Every time I look in the sand, I feel a soft hand;
A soft whisper comes from within – it’s not the end.
So I scroll as a wordsmith, ache like a poet, photograph like a ghost;
In hope… you will find it.
A quiet reminder, just to inspire… you to remember.


jan11th2015 009

As I turn, I see you outlined;

Amber and caressed by the light,

You are fluid, suspended in movement.

Contoured by shadows, my mind follows your lines.

Are you a reflection or a dream undecided?

Your water drips at the edge of my smile.

I can taste the invite.

Silence is the source of lust rising,

You melt like ice.

Subtle and always changing,

A muse of melodic design.

A Little Part OF You

Oct18th2014 039

I felt you slip away, to a sacred place,

You lived a life of love – with the hands of grace.

All those tears that fell, are now part of creation.

Behind you left us inspiration.

Even as these words try to find a source, I feel your light and hear your voice.

Even the sun could not paint your beauty, so the universe filled with stars to create you a symphony.

In my smile I know you can hear me.

As the seasons change and life feeds time, a part of you will always shine.

In the silence, I turn my eyes to the sky.,

Here your presence will never die.

May the Angels sing eternal for you Ruth. God Bless you as you found your way home.

Stay Present


Stay present child of nature,

The mind, it goes to sleep.

Find the whispers of creation, let our peace run deep.

Stay honest sentient one, for the heart can never lie;

Surrender to the stillness, it will make us wise.

Stay humble and objective, for life is no surprise.

Long before our karma heals us, the reason why we breathe;

We must learn the path of compassion, to show us how to see.

Stay grateful in the moment, coincidence is illusion;

All that IS and always was, keeps us from confusion.

Hold reverence for the connections, for here is sacred space;

In the inspirations and love creations, we’ll shift the Human race.

It Was Always Enough (Dear Mom And Dad)

Nov4rth2014 114

It was so cold outside, I remember.
Dad was late from work, in mid December.
You spent all afternoon making the soup,
My sister and I were off in our rooms.
You called us for dinner as Dad walked in,
I sat at the table, making ungrateful comments.
Complaining and whining, the meal was; “cheap”,
How could we be filled on broth and grilled cheese?
I got up and left, never touching my plate,
Had I turned back around, I would’ve seen you never ate.

Years have now passed and I’m now a Mother;
Spent nights up late working for the bread and the butter.
Tired some evenings, aching to the bone,
Creating a meal for the children… alone.
Adding a little of this, a pinch of that,
Pulling a feast from out of my hat.
Telling myself, this is healthy and filling;

Then the children won’t eat it, said it’s “gross” or unappealing.
I find myself thinking of that night long ago,
What I said to my parents, now said by my own.
A lesson that took years to come back around,
Made me pick up the phone and share what I found.

Dear Mom and Dad, as a child I did not see;
You filled my dish, as yours went empty.
You sacrificed,
With love and grace,
I need to tell you, before it’s too late.
I know what it’s like now, I’ve walked in your shoes,
I ask your forgiveness, now I know the truth.

A VERY grateful daughter.


Oct28th2014 115

Vast is the difference between alone and lonely.

Everyone has their story;

A long day at work, a patience testing trip,

A body tired from illness, a tragic message, a lost friendship, a relationship ended.

So you walk for hours as thoughts seem relentless.

We can’t escape it, not ready to embrace it;

So we just sit.

Numb and silent, observing, breathing and surrendered.

It’s a surreal magic, in the middle of all that’s tragic – comes the answer.

There is call to be alone, just you and your heart, quiet in the moment.

Here we are not lonely, no need for company;

The connection is revealing, as we begin healing, just us and the sea.

The waves pull us far from the sentient mind,

Takes us beyond the situation, lets our emotions unwind.

We start to notice the glistening of the water, the way the sand allows our feet to dig deep – lets our eyes wander.

We can now feel the winds whipping salted air across our faces, then you smile;

It’s these sacred spaces, they come at just the right time.

This is reaching of high tide, with arms open wide… you spin as high as the seagulls fly;


Because we all know, that being alone is needed sometimes.

Because we can touch the inner child.

Because everything that brought us right here, keeps our dreams alive.

Give your soul the freedom – take a moment to celebrate your life.


Refraction Of Light

Oct28th2014 180

What enchants the eyes, a glistening sky?

What entrances the mind; a whisper from the wise?

What reflects the light; a heart that never dies.

Can you reach the vastness; would you leave all ideals behind?

The universe is so diverse,  we know this deep inside.

We are as infinite as we are inspired.

There is no velocity in  stagnant sight .

It’s simple subtraction, takes just a fraction;

Love is an action,  we are sublime.

Trust is the protractor, truth  is the journey,  the heart is the refraction of  light.

When Someone Reaches Out

Oct18th2014 030

When someone is brave, in the middle of sorrow;

When they somehow find the voice to speak – because they want a new tomorrow.

When all they can do to form some words, is whisper in your ear;

Don’t criticize their broken lives – they trusted you through their fear.

When someone reaches out – but their words seem to make no sense;

Listen with your open heart, it’s not about content.

When someone is breaking down in front of you, please don’t turn away,

You might be the one person – who helps them through the day.

When someone admits they are worried, when confusion and sadness sets in;

Even a gesture of a caress on the hand could be the biggest difference.

Don’t make it all about you, don’t try to give advice;

Just be there fully present, look deep into their eyes.

When someone comes to you – not sure how to stop the tears;

Let them know you’ll stand beside them, though the answers are not clear.

Never challenge a shattered soul, who speaks of taking their life,

Though we may know, the moment will go;

The emotions are real in their strife.

When someone asks for help, guide them to a source;

Without judgement or opinion, encourage them to that course.

When someone trusts in you, to share the darkest hours;

Be grateful and humbled they see in you – a garden of healing flowers.

Your Beautiful Wings


I watch quietly, to hear everything.
As the sun poured from the sky, it painted your beautiful wings.
Your soft eyes speak, your calm voice seeps deep;
I drift to sleep.
Come sit next to me in nature,
Come fill your moment with laughter,
In stillness there is one heartbeat.

Could it be…

We incarnated, to reveal love’s mystery?
Silence is the music and life is the dream.


Sept27th2014 187

How can it be, you hear me?
How do you know, what do you see?
How is it – you reach me in my dreams?
How do you know what I am feeling, say things I thought before I speak?
Are we ripples of the same velocity?
How did we first meet?
Do you understand the connection?
Is there an answer for the unexplained mystery?
Does there really need to be?
Hush your mind, unwind and let your spirit enjoy the beauty.
It’s a gift of the heart, to reach so far – to be so free.
Would anyone trust this, would anyone truly believe?
Questions are in abundance, to satisfy logic, there is no need.
Simply know, from in your soul, there is more to trust then are eyes can see.